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Top 5 Productivity Skills for the Road Ahead

It makes a lot of sense that leaders need to stop thinking about work in terms of jobs or tasks and start thinking about work in terms of skills and capabilities instead.

Recently I authored an article that got a lot of attention on the top 5 productivity skills for the road ahead. Let's look at those skills.

(1) Complex Problem Solving

The success of any organization lies heavily on its ability to solve complex problems for their stakeholders. While this involves a multitude of observations and informed decisions, it also requires change management and top-level leaders that will affect the overall trajectory of an organization.

(2) Critical Thinking and Analysis

These two skills share some similarities but they have distinct differences. The analysis stage is where complex information is broken down into basic principles and the critical making sound judgement is what matters most. Critical thinking is "thinking about thinking".

(3) Leadership and Social Influence

Ken Blanchard said, "the key to successful leadership is influence not authority". I happen to agree with him. Leadership centers around how well an individual can influence others in a team, organization, or community. In todays manner of leadership, it is no longer tied to status, pay, or the corner office, but primarily social influence.

(4) Emotional Intelligence

Leveraging your own emotions and those of others can achieve personal objectives both strategically and ethically. Emotional Intelligence is required by leaders as it can resolve conflicts, motivate others, create a collaborative culture, and build psychological safety within teams.

(5) Persuasion and Negotiation

If you have the ability to convince others of your point of view and to commit to your goals, you have great persuasion skills. Further, if you can reach a mutual agreement, you have great negotiation skills. These skills are highly valuable for both oral and written communication, for leaders.

In conclusion, it truly makes a lot of sense that leaders need to start thinking about work in terms of skills and capabilities, rather than jobs and tasks.

The road ahead calls for a more humane approach focused on talent and skill retention. Leaders need to be more open-minded and consider all options for building and strengthening relationships.

I hope you are inspired by my blog today.



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