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Leadership and Motivation

Leaders are a vital part of any organization. They ensure that work gets done, guide the company’s employees, track deadlines and much more. While each leader has their leadership style, certain management practices exist that great leaders will use to motivate their employees.

This article presents essential tips for motivating employees for the road ahead.

Leaders, we must recognize our employees for a job well done: Everyone likes to know when they’ve done something well. Make your employees feel important every day and show enthusiasm for their work.

Always be honest: Let employees know you trust them and be honest and open in return.

Keep communication lines open: Employees crave clear, ongoing, understandable, and unambiguous communication. Give employees information before, not after, important events.

Make employees feel important: Allow employees to contribute and ask for their opinions and advice.

Be consistent: Inconsistent behaviour breeds anger, frustration, dismay, and disappointment.

Be Impartial: don’t play favourites. Discrimination destroys morale, hurts productivity, and opens the door to lawsuits. Treat everyone the same, politely.

Provide coaching: use training workshops or refresher courses to stimulate workers and expose them to new methods and ideas.

Take an interest in employees’ careers: Have meaningful conversations with employees on how they can advance their careers and add value to the organization. Become a mentor to employees.

Open your door: let employees know you’re available to listen to them about day-to-day issues and their prominent roles in the organization.

Ask employees what they need: Don’t try to be a mind reader. Approach employees to find out what they need to keep their jobs challenging and interesting.

Employees need to know precisely what they are doing well and what needs improvement. In addition to all tips mentioned above, providing specific positive feedback makes employees feel confident in their abilities and encourages the continuation of desirable actions.

As leaders, we must also seek constructive feedback from our team members as we can benefit from knowing what we are doing well and where we can improve for the road ahead.


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