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Leadership and Coaching

Leaders will need a new coaching mindset for the road ahead.

What is coaching? I would say that coaching is an approach that help others embrace a new way of thinking, acting, and seeing to arrive at a particular result including finding solutions to their challenges.

Let us examine what a coaching mindset looks like. Leaders with a coaching mindset, are typically prepared to make tough decisions and take advantage of opportunities that arise. They are also prepared to influence with the intent of lasting change.

Successful coaches, investigate the root causes of challenges or problems by deconstructing complex processes. This will help to embrace different perspectives and adapt new ways of thinking rather than just focusing on the end result.

Coaching for leaders is about changing behaviors and a key aspect is to be more proactive than reactive. It takes on a collaborative and empowering approach. Leaders will shift from a “telling” approach to an “asking” approach so that employees can self-identify and self-direct.

As leaders, if we are not currently coaching, we are missing out on significant opportunities to build and strengthen our teams. The need for teaching and inspiring is significant for the next generation of leaders.

Here are suggestions to become better coaches:

Be Better Listeners:

Listening is the often-forgotten skill that leaders tend to lack. A great way leaders can empower employees to do their best work, is to let their voices be heard. This can impact the effectiveness of the team and the entire organization.

Drive What's Impossible to Possible:

Nelson Mandela said, “It seems impossible, until it’s done.” There are many things in life that seem impossible, but when situations are viewed and understood objectively, a new viewpoint emerges.

Create A Safe Space:

Creating a safe space for employees cannot be achieved with criticism. Further, there is no such thing as constructive criticism within a team, because it can construct defensiveness. Processing information without judgement is critical to helping people see things afresh.

In conclusion, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to coaching. A good coach will assess individuals and the environment around them. Leaders need to understand their personal strengths and weaknesses and also understand how it affects their team.

Coaching, if done correctly provides greater freedom for the leader, and greater empowerment for the employee. The result? Improved personal and team performance, increased retention, and increased productivity, for the road ahead.


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