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Leaders and The Great Resignation!!

There has certainly been a lot of movement within organizations in the last eighteen months or so, which was termed the "the great resignation", by many. Leaders became very concerned and quickly realized that they needed to change how they were going to lead, as it would have more significance now more than ever before, which for some, caused feelings of anxiousness.

As leaders, we must not forget that it is the people who make companies work. And organizations who engage the hearts and minds of their people will quickly out-perform others. Organizations that have enlightened leadership are gaining from the great exodus, because these leaders know that the job of leadership is to bring out the best in their people, to trust them, and to show humility. These leaders know that the biggest part of their job is to inspire and engage their employees and that comes directly from their behavior.

I think that todays leaders just need to behave as a human and show compassion and believe in their people. Sounds simple - right? It can be challenging for some leaders for sure. Also, leaders must be able to pivot as a coach, inspirer, and one who may not always know the right answer.

In recent times some may say that the focus of leadership has shown a shift from maximizing profits to continually reimaging how and where people work and will continuously shift their mentalities.

In conclusion, leaders really hold the key in minimizing "the great resignation", by building trust and showing compassion, curiosity and interest in their people.


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