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Leadership In 2023!

We can all agree that 2022 was an exciting and confusing year, all at the same time, for some. Between the pandemic, inflation, political turmoil, digital transformation, and more, employees and leaders were under immense pressure at work and home. One significant change was the rate at which employees impacted the workforce in terms of how, where, and why they worked.

We can also agree that today the situation looks very different as the traditional office has transformed itself to support diverse working methods. Many organizations have learned which roles can be performed productively in remote and hybrid workplace settings. Naturally, leaders will proceed with caution as 2023 progresses.

In support of being cautious, here are two primary strategies leaders will need to manage the challenges for the road ahead.

Employee Retention:

Every leader must consider rethinking their organization’s work, culture, and values simultaneously because employees are doing the same. Employees are driven by more than just monetary incentives; they want to learn and grow.

Leaders must recognize what is important to employees and look at the factors that could leverage engagement and interactions to reduce turnover. Leaders must get involved in reskilling and upskilling employees to develop and retain talent, more so now than ever.

In addition, leaders will need to listen more carefully and recognize and support those employees who want to elevate their careers.

Pivot and Adapt:

Leaders must be more transparent with their employees about business goals, priorities, and the realities ahead. Leaders cannot put their heads down and focus on what was already accomplished.

Leaders must customize their style to one-on-one conversations to help build relationships based on trust and honesty, where feedback does not equal frustrations but growth.

Communication, problem-solving and making yourself available to your employees will be among your highest priorities as we move forward into 2023.


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